Competition Program

Susan and Ticho

Competition Program

Ligara Farms offers a high-caliber, all-inclusive Training and Equine Care Program. The full-training program includes the following services:



Training Program

❧Training five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday

❧Training includes a combination of lessons and trainer rides, to be determined upon trainer evaluation of rider and horse

❧Equine maintenance – mane pulling and show clipping

Jenny & Brando

Equine Care Program

❧Daily administration of supplements and medications

❧Completely customizable feed program

❧Feeding 3 x day

❧Stall cleaning 2 x day

❧Turn-out paddocks and pastures


❧Minor injury care, management and rehabilitation

❧Staff on-site 24 hours a day

❧Farrier and veterinarian scheduling (includes all worming and injections)

❧Monthly Adequan and/or Legend dosing

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